We help individuals and companies with their tax investigations and other tax issues.

We advise and assist with investigations, negotiate with HMRC and represent you at Tax Tribunals if necessary.

 Our services include:

  • Tax Investigation - We represent sole traders, partnerships, and limited companies when the Tax Inspector is invesitgating your business and checking your accounts and business records, and  negotiate any tax bill on your behalf.
  • Special Civil Investigations - We provide a full report of undeclared income going back up to 20 years and negotiate the tax bill.
  • Criminal Prosecutions - including failure to notify chargeability to tax (S144 FA 2000), false statements of assets or certificates of disclosure from previous tax investigations etc - we will establish what has gone wrong, and agree tax bills with HMRC.
  • PAYE and Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) Reviews - We will represent you at HMRC's examination of the business records at the business premises, and negotiate any tax bill.
  • VAT Inspection - You can ask us to represent you when HMRC examine your VAT records and at interview of VAT Trader, and negotiate any VAT Bill.
  • National minimum wages inspection - We can represent you at HMRC's visit to check rates of pay of wages and salaries and negotiate any tax bill on your behalf.
  • Voluntary disclosure of offshore bank accounts or assets - We calculate your tax and negotiate and agree tax bills with the Tax Inspector.
  • Estimated tax bills threatening insolvency and bankruptcy - We will fight to ensure that you only pay the correct tax, including lodging claims for late appeals, making claims for overpayment relief for old years, beginning judicial review proceedings if necessary, and negotiating with HMRC.
  • Tax liabilities in asset recovery in criminal cases - representation, negotiation and agreement of tax liabilities
  • HMRC Aspect Enquiries  - We can establish whether an item of income is taxable, whether expenses are allowable, and ensure you do not pay extra tax unnecessarily.
  • HMRC Enquiry into capital gains tax computation - We will represent you, negotiate and agree your tax liabilities.
  • Defending clients at First Tier Tax Tribunal

Abandon the stress and struggle of trying to understand and deal with HMRC, and get help from people who have the knowledge and know the territory - call us today.


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